Cowgirl Shirts Galore

New Ariat shirt

Flattering fits, fantastic prints, and a variety of sleeve styles make modern day cowgirl shirts totally fabulous.

Not long ago all button down cowgirl shirts were too wide, too short, and too easy to shrink. Don’t even get me started on the damage my father could do with the dryer when I was growing up. I donated more than one shrunken cowgirl shirt to my stuffed animal camel.

Nowadays many brands make their shirts a long and lean cut. This just makes sense! While we bend, lift, and stretch our arms around the shirt stays where it’s supposed to, tucked into our pants. Even the sleeves are cut differently. A slimmer fit and longer sleeve makes a trip to the dryer less traumatic.

One particularly fab shirt is called The Perfect Shirt made by Goode Rider. It is to die for! I know, I know the website is for English rider clothing, but if you saw this shirt in person you would understand why it makes such a great cowgirl shirt. The shirt is breathable cotton with knit fabric sides. This means the shirt moves with you so you can pull off a fitted look and still be comfortable. Down the middle of the back are tiny buttons, drawing the waist area in and making for a snazzy view from behind. The cut of the shirt is amazing, sleeves not too long or too short and shoulders fitted but not restricting. Divine perfection.

You must beware of the “too short shirt”. It’s true they are still being sold to the public. While trying to avoid this phenom, it is easy to buy a shirt that is too large everywhere else. Don’t be suckered in to this particular shirt. Say no and move on, you will find something better.

SJP ties up her cowgirl shirt! photo:

If you wind up with a too short shirt, be creative and turn it into a tied up shirt or cropped shirt.

Some cowgirls really like to go sleeveless for the summer. I love this look, but I love not having skin cancer even more. During steamy Cali summers its VERY important to protect yourself from the sun. Some advice: Save the sleeveless shirts for dusk. Wear a thin long sleeve button down during the day.

Not only will long sleeved shirts give you some degree of protection from the sun’s evil rays, but also they will help you avoid farmer’s tan. You know, black arms, white body. If you get an early summer farmers tan you can forget about that strapless summer dress you were going to wear to the Gary Allen concert! You will be trying to get rid of those tan lines for months, trust me I’ve been there.

Tans line ahead!

Hours in the sun will turn your beautiful golden tanned arms and adorably freckled shoulders into saddle leather by the time you hit 30 years old. More sun protection reminders to come!


About californiacowgirlfashion

Who says you can't have it all? California cowgirls wear clothes that are fitted and functional and have a bit of sparkle here in the land of too much bling! We like to rope, ride, train, travel, and get down and dirty in style. I can go from my morning job at the racetrack to college to dinner and back home without changing (this really isn't by choice) and I want to look good all day. This blog is a tribute to all the rough riding, hay-baling, ranching, farming, roping, training, dirt eating, cowgirls who just wanna work hard and look good doin it!
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