Gettin down off the farm: nighttime fashions

To prevent a cowgirl from getting the blues it is important that we have a “blowout” on the town every once and awhile.  Or as Pam Tillis would say, “Let that pony run!”

This is a thoroughbred named Mexican Bull. This silly girl must have thought his name was mechanical bull and that she was at Papa’s N’ Beer!!

Different occasions and locations call for different outfits.  Whether it be a night out with the ole ball n’ chain or clubbing til the wee hours with your girlfriends, I have the breakdown for you.

First assess where you are going. Is the place a dive bar that can only be reached with a John Deere? If you answered yes you are most likely in a rural area where dressing to impress is overrated. Trust me, the men here are not to be impressed.  This is a situation where overdressing is not appropriate. Go for a clean, natural look. I recommend polished boots, pressed and newish jeans, a tight T-shirt or a fitted button up. Don’t go full bore with the makeup. Leave the Mac at home.

Is the bar or club in town but still laid back? Maybe there is some music and dancing, mechanical bull, lots of nice folks drinking longneck bottles? If you said yes this place gives you options! If you plan on riding that bull wear some fancy jeans, and a super blinged out belt. Give the cute cowboys something to look at. If you are spoken for and looking forward to the dancing part of the evening try rocking a sweet dress. Dresses in a floral pattern a la Taylor Swift are always a go. Don’t wear anything too restricting that could inhibit your two stepping. This dress would be adorable with boots.

Is the bar just finally filling up at 11:00 p.m.? Does it stay as packed as a mountain mule until closing time? Did you empty a few red solo cups on the ride over? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, chances are you won’t be sitting on your tail in this place. You will be shaking it like Beyonce pre-baby and riding that mechanical bull like you stole it, and who knows what else will go down. Dress it up! Wear those booty short cutoffs with your fancy boots and do some big Texas hair. Don’t wear your favorite cowboy hat because you will probably lose it. If you wear a tight dress with a fancy belt and boots, we won’t judge. For Christ’s sake, call a cab.

I feel a lost hat coming on!

Secondly, assess the weather before you go. In the summer months, if the attitude is casual, you can wear shorts or a sundress with boots in place of jeans. In the winter you might be more comfortable in a plaid pearl-buttoned long sleeved shirt instead of a tight Tee.

A night on the town is the best way to show off your clean, tidy, and sexy self. Wear a smile and confidence with your well-planned outfit and you will be golden.  Surely you will hear a few cowboys say in awe, “Wow, you clean up purty nice little woman.”


About californiacowgirlfashion

Who says you can't have it all? California cowgirls wear clothes that are fitted and functional and have a bit of sparkle here in the land of too much bling! We like to rope, ride, train, travel, and get down and dirty in style. I can go from my morning job at the racetrack to college to dinner and back home without changing (this really isn't by choice) and I want to look good all day. This blog is a tribute to all the rough riding, hay-baling, ranching, farming, roping, training, dirt eating, cowgirls who just wanna work hard and look good doin it!
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