Cowboy Boots: From Ranch-to-restaurant

Oh, women and their shoes. Cowboy boots are no different. Black caiman, brown tooled, traditional ropers, high heeled patent leather, Lucchese, Dan Post, Ariat, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We want them all. I could blog everyday for a year’s time about their color, leather, sole, texture, brand, heel, maker, quality, and when, where and how to wear them.

Fancy Corral boots

Imagine you just finished feeding for the day and you get a call from your BFF. She is dying for a Bud Light and some happy hour food from the BBQ joint in town. You brush off the three inches of dust on your jeans and shirt and do your best to pick the hay out of your hair. Things are looking up until you look down at your boots. What a heartbreaker, you are wearing the s***kickers you have been meaning to toss for the last few months. Comfortable yes, but even the most talented shoe repair man in town couldn’t get a shine out of these. It’s a little embarrassing.

To find the perfect ranch-to-restaurant boot, first consider what is comfortable to you. I will use myself as an example. I have narrow feet and I like a boot with a roper (low) heel, because they are most comfortable for walking.  If you have narrow or wide feet become familiar with the brand of boots that fit you best. Some people don’t mind a higher heel. These look great and keep your long jeans from dragging. Remember, some boots that are great for riding are not great for walking. 

These could be perfect for you, no?

After you have considered what’s comfortable, seek out some style. Something with a little bit of tooling or a punched toecap is a nice choice. Mega fancy boots don’t always hold up and the high price tag does not make them a good work choice.  Using these simple tips will help you find a ranch to restaurant boot that will make you feel like a champion!

Boots make or break the outfit ladies. If the shirt isn’t completely clean and the Wranglers are still dusty, nice looking boots will move you up a notch.

Don’t you dare wear these to the barn, not even just this once.

Advice: Don’t work or ride in your fancy boots. I know your mom must have told you this, but I’m telling you again. If you do the walk of shame from the club to work, keep some extra work boots in the tack room.

Boot abuse.

Recognize the days when you are too dirty and smelly from work that no matter how great your boots look you should just go home. Grill a burger and save the community from your filthiness.


About californiacowgirlfashion

Who says you can't have it all? California cowgirls wear clothes that are fitted and functional and have a bit of sparkle here in the land of too much bling! We like to rope, ride, train, travel, and get down and dirty in style. I can go from my morning job at the racetrack to college to dinner and back home without changing (this really isn't by choice) and I want to look good all day. This blog is a tribute to all the rough riding, hay-baling, ranching, farming, roping, training, dirt eating, cowgirls who just wanna work hard and look good doin it!
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