Not Your Mother’s Wranglers

All cowgirls know the best way to get a cowboy’s attention is with a pair of tight, well-fitted wranglers! And a great smile of course.

I am aware that there are some people who still refuse to wear Wranglers because of the perceived fit. It’s true the Original Cowboy Cut Wranglers featured a high waist that could double as a bra, and no room for that fine booty you got from riding all those horses.

The good news is The Original “Mom-jean” Wranglers are nearly extinct and in their place are a plethora of new, improved, sexy and functional Wrangler choices. Each year new designs in combination with great shades of blue and new fabric blends are coming out. There literally is a cut and color combo for everyone.

Booty ups not appropriate for tiny cowgirls!

My personal favorite are called the “Booty up”. Excuse my drama but Booty-Ups have changed my life. They are a low rise and slim leg boot cut, with just enough bling on the signature “W” pockets. The Booty-ups are 25 percent spandex! You can literally do gymnastics in these. In fact I did an unplanned emergency dismount off of a rabid filly the other day and landed curiously on my feet holding the reins. I owe this feat of athleticism to my Booty ups. The spandex keeps them tight all day. You could not possibly look hotter in anything else. Period.

I’ll let you in on a little secret…I totally busted my boyfriend taking an iphone photo of my backside the first day I wore these jeans.

The “Q-Baby” are another popular and modern Wrangler cut. Q-Babies feature an amazing “no-gap” waistband that is to die for! It’s quite astonishing that there is elastic on the inside of the waistband and it is invisible from the outside. The jeans themselves are a slightly wider leg and thicker fabric that the Booty-up. The Q-Baby is a mid-rise jean and depending on the color can have a denim combo with a low percentage of spandex, lycra, or polyester.

I was recently hand delivered a pair of the stylin’ Rock 47 Wranglers. They are a true boot cut and look great with my Cayman Dan Post boots (more on boots later). The Rock 47 has a mild fade to the blue and super bling pockets. Unstoppable when they are starched and pressed.

There are other new cut/style/fabric/stretch combos available at fine western wear stores. Other great new Wranglers are the Aura, Cash, Shiloh, and Mae.

For those of you old school cowgirls still wearing the Original Cowboy Cut. Give it up! They aren’t flattering on you or anyone else. Don’t be a Wrangler fashion “Don’t”.


About californiacowgirlfashion

Who says you can't have it all? California cowgirls wear clothes that are fitted and functional and have a bit of sparkle here in the land of too much bling! We like to rope, ride, train, travel, and get down and dirty in style. I can go from my morning job at the racetrack to college to dinner and back home without changing (this really isn't by choice) and I want to look good all day. This blog is a tribute to all the rough riding, hay-baling, ranching, farming, roping, training, dirt eating, cowgirls who just wanna work hard and look good doin it!
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